About the Orchestra

Orchestra Performing at St PancrasThe Abbey Gateway Orchestra (AGO) is an amateur orchestra in St Albans that performs regular concerts of major works, and offers a more relaxed musical experience at a much lower cost than larger orchestras in the area.

We have a policy of welcoming all ages and a wide range of abilities from St Albans and beyond. This leads to a varied mix of musicians which produces fresh and stimulating results.

Abbey Gateway Orchestra is different to most amateur orchestras in that we don’t just perform full concerts every term, we also mix up workshops and community events, developing a large repertoire of pieces which we perform more than once over the course of the year. 


The orchestra is also known for its happy social outings. Many of us follow the weekly rehearsals with a relaxing chat at the Lower Red Lion, and at various times of the year the orchestra organises well-attended enjoyable evenings out at local restaurants, including summer term and Christmas meals.